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Contraceptive advice

We are experienced in providing family planning advice and support, including contraception, pre-pregnancy assessments and fertility issues.

Mirena IUD


Mirena is a small T shaped intrauterine device (IUD) that releases small amounts of a progestin hormone called levonorgestrel into the uterus. Mirena is an alternative contraceptive device offering 5 years protection, which you don't have to think about taking every day.


Mirena is placed in your uterus by your doctor. This is a non-surgical placement.


Mirena is easily reversible and can be removed by your doctor at any time.


Dr Kristine Allen is certified in the management of Mirena including its insertion and removal. If you are interested in the Mirena, please call reception to book a pre-insertion consult (this is a 30 minute consult).


The insertion procedure will be 45 minutes and will cost $150.00.



The Implanon contraceptive implant is a soft plastic stick about 4 cm long, that is inserted under the skin of your arm. The implant slowly releases a hormone, progestogen, into your body. Progestogen is similar to the hormone produced by the ovaries. The implanon implant can provide protection for up to 3 years.


If you are interested in the Implanon implant, please make an appointment with your doctor to obtain a script first. You will then need to mark a follow up appointment to have the implant inserted.


The fee to have the Implanon implant inserted or removed is $80.00.

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